The PXG Gen3 0311 P Irons are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice 2020 product list.

PXG Gen3 0311 P Irons

PXG is widely known for its super-premium prices, claiming to use the very best materials and processes in order to produce performance to match.

It’s a bold claim, perhaps one that many golfers are cynical of, but the company’s new Gen3 irons appear to have a found a new level of performance.

Editor’s Choice 2020

This is not just around extra distance, but consistency. Every golfer always talks about craving more consistency, well these irons deliver it. We’re not just talking consistency of speed and distance, but also of ball flight. It’s the holy grail of iron shots and while the worst of strikes can never be saved, the PXG Gen3 irons arguably do as good a job as any of rescuing a poor swing.

The Gen3 irons are hollow and use two durometers of material inside the head to improve the feel and sound while also supporting an ultra-thin face. It is with this combination that PXG claim to have created a winning formula, and our testing certainly back this up.

We hit all three of the irons and the feel is the first thing that strikes you. Buttery soft with a short, crisp sound at impact, they leave you gagging to hit another shot. The looks are pleasing too, nice and compact behind the ball without being intimidating. The T model is the smallest, moving up into the P and then the XP.

For us, it was the P model that provided the best of everything but it was interesting that across the three models, which have different lofts, the peak height was the same. This allows golfers to create combination sets without big gaps in distance.

The consistency of the carry distances on well-struck shots and mishits, especially thin shots, genuinely blew us away and go some way to justifying the price tag of £440 per club. Yes, over £3k is a lot of money for a set of irons, but the PXG Gen3 0311 P irons deliver the next-level consistency we’ve always wanted.

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