The Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter

Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

There are few products in golf that are so widely desired as Scotty Cameron’s putters. It’s not hard to see why either, as his 2018 Select line-up may just be his best yet. The seven different models not only lead the pack in stunning looks and sleek lines, but they also have a feel all of their own.

Master Craftsman Scotty Cameron has put everything he has learned from refining and redesigning smaller-style putters over the last two decades into this 2018 Select line and if that type of dedication and passion isn’t worthy of Editor’s Choice, we’ve set the bar far too high.

These latest Select blades and mid-mallets all feature a new four-way sole balancing technology that’s indicative of the amount of detail that’s gone into these premium putters. The new soles now account for the shaft and grip weights, with metal moved to help the putters’ align perfectly and sit balanced from front-to-back and heel-to-toe. These details are all there to help you find a perfectly square address position that will promote easier alignment on virtually any lie.

The new soles are just one of many refinements that have taken place. Side-by-side comparisons reveal thinned topline appearances, for example, which give each head a slightly rounder radius, while neck dimensions, edges and angles have been squared up for a cleaner look from address, which we loved. Scotty Cameron has also added up to 30 per cent more vibration dampening material connecting the face inlays with the putter bodies to make them feel softer than before.

What we also like about these putters is that many of the popular shapes haven’t undergone big changes with each new range, so if you love the Newport from a few years ago, we’re sure you’ll have similar feelings for the new collection.