The Srixon AD333 Tour ball is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Srixon AD333 Tour

The Srixon AD333 Tour ball is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

If there is a better golf ball on the market for under £30, we’re yet to test it.

The AD333 Tour offers all the short game benefits of Srixon’s Z-Star, which is used on tour by the likes of Hideki Matsuyama and Graeme McDowell, but with an inner construction that’s perfect for mid and slow swing speed golfers who need a little more help creating distance.

The big difference is in the core, which has a lower compression of 72 in the AD333 Tour than the 88 found in the Z-Star. Having a softer centre makes it easier to compress and transfer your clubhead speed into ball speed, so this design should help slower swingers generate plenty of power.

That said, our low-handicap testers both have faster swings over 100mph and weren’t too worried about the slightly higher ball flights they experienced with this model. It didn’t come unstuck in the air either, with its 338 Speed Dimple pattern reducing drag to drive accuracy and penetrating trajectories in windier conditions.

REVIEW: Srixon AD333 Tour

It is around the greens where the differences between a mid-price ball like this and premium balls are normally more tangible, but the AD333 Tour breaks the mould here, which is a big factor behind its selection in this year’s Editor’s Choice. Like the premium Z-Star, it features Srixon’s third generation SpinSkin cover coating that creates more friction and therefore spin. It also boasts a urethane cover for the soft and responsive feedback you’d normally only associate with more expensive models.

Overall we think the AD333 Tour is a really impressive offering considering its modest price tag. For many abilities and player types, especially slow and mid swing speed golfers, it will provide everything they’re looking for while saving a few pounds over tour-level premium balls, which makes it very worthy of inclusion.