The Titleist 818 Hybrids are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Titleist 818 Hybrids

The Titleist 818 Hybrids are one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

A hybrid has to do a lot of different jobs and when designing one, there is a fairly limited amount of space to work with. This is why the Titleist 818 hybrids are so impressive. For starters, there are two of them. The H1 is larger, created for the mid-to-high handicapper who needs forgiveness and sweeps the ball from the turf, while the H2 is smaller, aimed at the better player who hits their hybrid more like an iron.

To be able to control the shape of shot a hybrid creates is crucial, as it will often be employed on the tees of tight par fours and hitting into greens on long approach shots. SureFit CG can do just this. It comprises a special cartridge inside the head that can possess a host of different weighting properties that alter all sorts of launch conditions.

Combine it with the SureFit hosel, which adjusts loft and lie angle independently, and you’ve got no ends of ways to fine tune your flight to make those long approaches or tight tee shots easier.

REVIEW: Titleist 818 Hybrids

You won’t be losing out on distance either, as the Active Recoil Channel behind the face delivers faster balls speeds than any Titleist hybrid that came before. The larger H1 launches the ball a touch higher, ideal for the slower swing speed, while the lower-launching H2 is better suited to the fast swing speed player.

The look of both the hybrids combines tradition with a modern twist. It sits perfectly behind the ball, the full-face grooves make alignment obvious and the feel off the face is fast and solid, even when you catch the heel or toe.

Via a custom fitting with Titleist, should you opt for the 818 H1 or H2 you’ll leave knowing your game is in good hands. Those shots that scared you before will seem like a walk in the park.