The Titleist TS3 driver is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Titleist TS3 Driver

Editor’s Choice 2019

One of the most popular drivers on Tour – it is used by Justin Thomas, Adam Scott, Webb Simpson and many others – the new Titleist TS3 has been designed to provide fast ball speeds with forgiveness for a wide range of abilities.

Titleist Speed

That is what the TS stands for in the name of the driver and it symbolizes the task set before the R&D team – make a driver that was immediately faster than the previous generation 917. This has been achieved in several ways; first it has a new Speed Chassis which comprises a thinner face and more streamlined crown that saves weight and improves ball speed aerodynamics by 20 per cent. The titanium driver crown is the thinnest in the industry to help make the heads more forgiving. The clubface has been made thinner, and lighter by six grams, to provide consistently faster ball speeds from varying strike points. It’s so thin that Titleist couldn’t put score-lines on the face and had to laser etch the lines you see as it’s so close to the CT limit.

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Classic Design

As you would expect, the TS3 has a classic pear profile to it and a traditional look at address. The glossy black crown looks spectacular in all light and it also has a noticeably flat face, with a slightly lighter colour than the TS2 version. Interestingly the arrow on the crown points the other way too. In terms of sound at impact, it is quite metallic and high-pitched which may not be to everyone’s taste but it feels solid, stable and firm which many will enjoy.

Overall the TS3 may not look all that different from its 917 counterpart, but the extra performance gains are sure to catch your attention. They did for us and that is why the TS3 is in our Editors Choice List.

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