The Titleist Vokey SM8 wedge is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice 2020 product list.

Titleist Vokey SM8

All modern-day wedges offer high levels of spin but this doesn’t always translate into hitting shots closer to the hole. But in the case of the SM8, Bob Vokey and his team have updated the design to do exactly that.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Via longer hosels and tungsten toe weighting, Titleist claim to have shifted the Centre of Gravity so dramatically that it actually encourages the clubface to return to impact in a squarer position. Provided you’ve implemented the correct length of swing and achieved a half-decent strike, this should mean that your dispersion around the hole will tighten, leaving you with a more makeable putt.

Our testing showed that SM8 wedges are especially accurate from a variety of distances and while it was difficult to tell if the updated technology was the deciding factor, the results speak for themselves. The looks have improved too, with a beautiful muscleback design featuring across the entire loft range.

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Another standout feature is the feel. Despite being a cast wedge, the Vokey SM8 provides a buttery soft feel that inspires feelings of control and consistency. This transfers to heel and toe strikes too, such is the forgiveness and stability of the clubhead, which helps counteract poor swings on full shots into greens.

As always, choice is a big factor with Vokey wedges. It’s one of the most comprehensive wedge offerings on the market, with golfers able to choose from six different grinds and 23 loft/bounce combinations as well as three stunning finish options. This is important, because different swings and turf conditions mean the club interacts with the ground in a different way, so it’s important your wedges match up correctly.

Admittedly the SM8 wedges come in at a premium price, but golfers are getting premium performance to justify it, especially if they go through the excellent custom fitting process to get the perfect set.

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