Toptracer technology is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.


You’ll have noticed the experience of watching golf on TV, especially on Sky Sports, has changed considerably in the last year or so. That’s because the growing use of Toptracer technology has transformed golf on our screens, providing viewers with those wonderful coloured ball-flight arcs that enhance the experience tenfold.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Now, golfers can experience Toptracer for themselves at the driving range, of which there are plenty up and down the UK.

Two cameras mounted above range bays capture data on every shot and relay it – via the image analysis software – onto screens that display stats in whatever mode is selected. These include long-drive competitions, a nearest-the-pin game, a skills challenge or even the option to play your favourite courses from around the world – perhaps Pebble Beach – all from the comfort of your own bay.

As well as displaying the ball flight, Toptracer’s custom-built sensor can provide real-time shot analytics such as ball speed, apex, curve, carry and more. The 3D ball-flight data can be integrated with virtual graphics to animate the trajectory in a side-slab format.

For pros and serious golfers, this is meaningful data that can be used to improve performance. And with Toptracer technology now installed at driving ranges around the United Kingdom and worldwide, golf practice has become both more productive and more fun.

The benefits of Toptracer aren’t limited to just the improved TV experience – its sheer versatility means that these benefits can be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels.

Coaches can use the data to identify the avid golfer’s swing issues and make improvements, but more importantly, Toptracer technology now offers an extra dimension that makes practice sessions more enjoyable.

It is helping to bring new people into the game by building basic skills that they can take from the range to the course, and this can only be good for golf.

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