The Trident Align Ball Marker is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Trident Align Ball Marker

Trident Align is the world’s first fully adjustable ball marker. You’re probably wondering why this been invented and what problem does it solve? Well firstly, it allows golfers to begin fine-tuning the aim of their putt even when the ball is not in place on the ground.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Then when coupled with the trident-shaped markings the golfer has drawn on their golf ball, it ensures the golfer is able to match up the aim of their golf ball to the predetermined aim point, as set in place by the Trident Align marker.

For a golfer using a line on their golf ball to putt, the line sitting at 90° (so pointing directly up to the sky) is critical. If the line is tilted or rotated in either direction it effects how and where the golfer perceives their aim to be when they stand over the putt. The square shape that is created between the ball and Trident Align marker ensures this 90° position and results in the golfer starting more putts on their desired target line.

If the golfer does not set the golf ball down correctly in relation to the Trident Align marker, the square shape created by the Trident Align and the markings on the golf ball will not match up.

Having tested the Trident Align, there’s unquestionably some merit in the design. The extra lines on the ball might be a little off-putting at first, but you soon get used to them and it is a clever way to prevent positioning the ball incorrectly. If your second to putt on the green from the opposite side of the hole to where the first person putting is, it also allows you to aim the marker while they are putting, which should help speed up play. This is important, as using a line on the ball can be a time-consuming process. It is worth pointing out that it has been deemed legal for tournament play by USGA and R&A.

For your £25 investment, you get a 25mm marker coin, stencil tool, marker pen and carrying pouch as well as the Trident Align tool itself all included in the pack. If you struggle to hole out from short range, we’d certainly recommend giving the Trident Align marker a try.

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