The Big Max Blade IP is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Big Max Blade IP

Editor’s Choice 2019

The Big Max Blade IP push trolley is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

Big Max push trolleys have a sterling reputation in the golf industry for being sturdy, reliable, feature-packed and folding down incredibly small.

The new Blade IP is no exception to this. In its folded-down state it has a depth of just 12.5cm, which makes it easy to store in the tightest of spaces – like in the base of your car boot under your clubs or even on top of the parcel shelf.

The assembly process has also improved – it now uses a simple three-stage folding system and the internal mechanism allows you to click the parts into place rather than using fiddly clips.

Once assembled and ready to go, the first thing you notice is how lightweight and therefore easy to push it is, even when walking up slopes. The handle height is adjustable too, which makes a big difference to the trolley’s practicality.

There’s an abundance of features on the console too, like scorecard, tee and ball holders as well as a net to store your water bottle. The foot brake secures the trolley on steep slopes – another feature that electric trolleys tend not to have – and the styling of it is modern and trendy.

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The frame itself is more rounded and has an anodized metallic finish, which gives it greater durability. We certainly noticed how sturdy and robust it was in chewing up the terrain and it will genuinely convert a lot of electric trolley users because of how easy to use, the level of features and the price saving that comes from opting for a manual-powered trolley.

If you’re tight on space, tend to play on flat courses or simply want a push trolley that excels in everything a golfer considers important out on the course, the Blade IP trolley from Big Max certainly won’t let you down.

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