The Volvik V1 is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Volvik V1

Laser Rangefinders, a popular choice of distance-measuring device among low-handicap golfers, traditionally come in at a premium price compared to GPS equivalents. But in 2020, we are seeing the emergence of more affordable options from many more brands, with the Volvik V1 being just one example.

Editor’s Choice 2020

It comes in at just £199 in three different colour options but doesn’t skimp on useful features to help golfers lock in on the flag and get the distance they desire.

It boasts a Pin Finder function and is capable of calculating distances from five up to 1200 yards to within 1 yard of accuracy. It is water resistant and also comes with a‘Slope Compensation’ mode, which takes into account elevation changes to provide precise distances from every location. It can also be disabled for tournament use so you can still use the V1 in your monthly medal.

Designed for comfort the large eyepiece and high-quality 6x magnification viewer ensures a clear image of the green. Also incorporated is the ‘Priority First Goal’, which allows the user to quickly measure the distance to their desired object, such as a bunker. The distance is measured in either yards or metres and is confirmed by a vibration once detected.

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The V1 is lightweight, compact and really easy to use. Simply slot in the included CR2 lithium battery and you are ready to go. Distances display quickly and clearly, and the focus toggle is easy to adjust. It also comes with a premium, durable zipped carry case with carabiner for bag attachment and a cleaning cloth.

For those that want the rapid-fire nature of a laser rangefinder with the extra accuracy it brings but don’t want to spend a small fortune, the Volvik V1 is an option definitely worth considering in 2020.

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