The Volvik Vivid ball is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Volvik Vivid

The Volvik Vivid ball is one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

Volvik balls have certainly captured the golfing world’s attention in recent years. The bright, neon colours are striking, but this is no gimmick from the South Korean company to disguise poor performance. Volvik is keen to stress it doesn’t skimp on performance, and the Vivid is a great example of that.

Designed for the average player, the Vivid grabbed the headlines for being the first to come in a matte finish for higher visibility. They are strangely hypnotic to look at, given the dimples are barely visible, but they’re certainly there and assist in providing a strong, powerful ball flight.

Distance off the tee and a soft feel comes from a highly resilient Power Core while a special SF coating creates a higher ball flight and improves aerodynamic consistency

Volvik has a comprehensive range used on tours across the world, mostly in the women’s game, although the Vivid XT model was even used in the men’s World Long Drive Championships last year.

This model is aimed at faster swingers – (those who can shift the clubhead at 100mph or faster.) With its four-piece construction, energy transfer system from dual core to inner core plus Zirconium III cover, the XT has not just been raising eyebrows for its looks.

But the Vivid will suit the majority of abilities and swing types. We enjoyed the soft feel and distance and found there was enough spin around the greens to satisfy the majority of abilities.

The matte finish certainly enhances your focus at address and, available in a whopping nine colours, these balls are certainly easy to spot.

The Volvik Vivid is the ideal ball for mid-handicap players or those with average swing speeds who seek distance without sacrificing feel around the greens and also want to add a splash of colour to their games.