The Cleveland CBX Wedges are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

Cleveland CBX Wedges

Editor’s Choice 2019

The Cleveland CBX Wedges are one of the products featured in our Editor’s Choice product list. See all the products that made the list on our Editor’s Choice Homepage.

Getting the right wedges to suit your equipment set-up and technique could be a game-changer. For the average amateur, a huge number of shots are lost around the putting surfaces. Finding wedges that deliver the correct feel can inspire great confidence and feeling positive over shorter shots is crucial. Cleveland’s CBX wedges offer something just a little different and we think they could help many amateurs find greater consistency on shorter approaches and around the greens.

Cleveland has always been an innovative manufacturer and they have a long-established and respected reputation in the wedge market. The CBX wedges are aimed at the 84% of golfers who play cavity backed irons. This is a cavity back wedge but with a progressive design and shape that is designed to transition with your irons.

It features the same Rotex Face seen on the Cleveland RTX 3 wedge that helps produce more spin for enhanced greenside control. A Dual-V Sole Grind and progressively wider sole from heel to toe aids forgiveness through the turf and on bunker shots too. Feel Balancing Technology, where the CG is positioned closer to the centre of the clubface, improves feel, clubhead stability and distance control. The CBX comes with the Dynamic Gold 115 shaft, a lighter and softer wedge shaft offering.

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The CBX is a touch larger than most wedges on the market but it still has an appealing profile that isn’t too round or with too much offset – it doesn’t look chunky. The sound and feel are good too. The level of control is excellent and the wide sole and V-shape design in both directions makes them highly forgiving.

If you play cavity back irons and struggle on shorter shots, it’s certainly worth giving the Cleveland CBX wedges a trial.

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