The Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons are one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice 2020 product list.

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons

Hybrid iron sets are making a bit of a comeback in 2020 and one of the best of the bunch in terms of combining performance and value is the Wilson Staff Launch Pad.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Coming in at £549 for a 7-piece set, golfers are getting an awful lot for their money. These irons claim to reduce the effect of fat shots by up to 73 per cent, generally making it much easier to strike the ball cleanly.

This is down to the irons having a very wide sole with a late breaking bounce angle, which is said to keep the leading edge up through the ground even if you catch the turf too early. The lightweight design also makes it easier for golfers to generate club speed with minimal effort.

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We did a live test where we deliberately fatted the ball with a conventional iron and the Wilson Staff Launch Pad and the results were emphatic. In a similar loft, the Launch Pad carried the ball a good 50-60 yards further, so clearly there is help at hand for golfers that tend to catch the big ball before the little ball too often.

The other thing we liked about the Launch Pad set is how easy it is to flight the long irons. This is an area many golfers struggle with but they seemed just as easy to hit as the shorter irons, so they could well turn your weakness into a strength. They do look especially wood-like, but it is a progressive set so the soles become narrower as you work up to the pitching wedge.

Of course, they not going to hit the ball for you and they’re certainly not going to save a really poor swing, especially in wet conditions, but the margin for error on the strike is definitely larger on a club like this and if you’re a beginner or high handicapper it’s certainly an option worth trying. The price point of £549 for a set of seven clubs is very attractive too.

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