Why does it always rain on me?

After turning up at the wrong terminal at the wrong time, surely a trip to the Algarve would only improve? Wrong. But after a drink with a clubmaker things do…

Bill Elliott blogs his views on the rise of golf in Asia and specifically Korea, and wonders whether all those involved are enjoying the game as much as they should…

It's been a saga that nobody saw coming, but as juicy a story as it is, should we fear 
for the future of golf's greatest asset? Bill Elliott reflects on…

Bill Elliott: Home sweet home

An Irishman representing England in the golf writers' version of the home internationals turned out to be one of the comparatively logical aspects of the three-day event

Bill Elliott: Mad as a hatter

Bill finds a man he would like to take his hat off to - except, of course, that would grievously offend the chap in question as it would be strictly…

After enduring his usual travel woes en route to major golf events, Bill Elliott is finally installed in the media centre as the ground crews clear up after Hurricane Ike

Bill Elliott: This is fun!

It's as though the Open has been organised by the Spanish inquisition and Mr Elliott is loving it. It's also a lot better than "scouse"...

Bill Elliott: Friday at The Open

Greg Norman and Camillo Villegas leading the Open Championship... are we all dreaming? Bill reflects on a day where his old mate rolled back the years once again

Bill Elliott: Bill’s back!

Bill looks back at a busy early part of Open week and looks forward to the main event kicking off for real

Bill Elliott: A double-edged sword

Rory McIlroy has the chance to earn fame and fortune on the pro tour – but he also has to cope with innumerable hotel rooms and competitors twice his age

Bill Elliott: My New Year wish list

As Golf Monthly readers look forward to another busy year, I outline my hopes and fears for 2008 – for me, for you, and for the wonderful game of golf

Bill Elliott: I’ve created a monster

A charitable offer of help to a neighbour who was new to the game has resulted in an obsessively dedicated golfing machine. Worse still, he’s better than me.