I shall remember this year?s US Open not so much for the toughness of the course, the grittiness of Cabrera?s performance, Tiger?s curious lapses or Poulter?s pink shoes, all of which, apart from the appalling footwear, will soon be forgotten. No, what set?s it apart from all other Majors in living memory is that I actually won money.

Since I am so hugely knowledgeable about all matters connected with golf, friends and family are forever asking me who?s going to win the Big One?s. Because I hate to appear anything less than authoritative, I usually tell them who I think they should put their money on. Then, because I equally hate the idea of others benefiting financially from my expertise whilst I don?t, I invariably put a few bob on whoever I have recommended.

My cumulative historical losses would probably be sufficient to buy me a set of new clubs, membership of Britain?s most exclusive club, a lifetime?s supply of brand new ProV1s with just about enough left over for a five-bedroom house on the Wentworth Estate. To say I?ve lost is as big an understatement as to suggest that Aaron Baddeley had a disappointing final round. Incidentally, I had money on him as well!

Not unnaturally, you now want to know the secret of my new found success. What, apart from not losing, did I do this time that I had not done previously. Well, the answer is simply what we big-time punters call laying it off. Instead of sticking with my original selections through thick and thin ? on this occasion Furyk and Baddeley ? as soon as it looked like they might triumph, I offered odds against them winning. However, you can only do that if you have an account with one of the betting exchanges, which in my case is Betfair.

Anyway, after shrewdly backing and then laying off with timely precision, I managed to amass almost ten quid in profit. Impressed? Of course you are. Not only that, but you also not unnaturally now want to know what are my fancies for the Open. Let me just savour the taste of champagne for a little while longer and all will be revealed in due course. Cheers.