From the Rough: Beginning Again

Despite a gutsy temperament and rare determination, Clive has struggled with his golf of late. It’s now reached the point where there would appear to be no alternative other than…

From the Rough: Belek to Basics

Clive takes in Turkey on the latest stage of his global travels and travails. He played so badly he has decided not to talk about his game this week, and…

From the Rough: An in-tents period

This week we’re extremely fortunate to receive anything from Clive because he’s had a gruelling time in the desert working a great deal harder than he likes.

From the Rough: Return of the Rain God

Incapable of hitting the ball much more than 200 yards on a good day and denied anything remotely resembling a short game, that first major still eludes Clive. Ever resourceful,…

From the Rough: Good Evans!

This week Clive explains why he’s taking a particular interest in the Joburg Open and contemplates the thrilling prospect of his locality producing two world-beaters.

From the Rough: A Right Royal Treat

A surfeit of food, booze and relatives over the festive season has forced Clive out of his home and onto the links. It’s more a trip down memory lane than…

From the Rough: Meeting People

In a rare burst of introspection, Clive affords us a unique insight into his daily routine where a fence, the occasional phone call and the odd cuppa are really no…

From the Rough: Desert Rains

Clive takes his new-found gift for irrigation to the Arizona desert. However, his personal drought continues.

From the Rough: Polaris Apart

After a succession of dismal rounds, Clive wonders whether a change of climate might be the answer. So with a wedge in one hand and a sombrero in the other,…

From the Rough: Wentworth Woe

Clive takes on the mighty West Course in pursuit of various personal targets and, who knows, possibly a prize.

From the Rough: What’s in a name?

Clive forgets about dropping shots and drops an interesting name instead while reflecting on some of the more curious titles encountered on the USPGA Tour.

From the Rough: Alan Coren (1938-2007)

Clive lays down his golf clubs and picks up a pen to pay tribute to an outstanding journalist, great humorist and favourite relative.

From the rough: International Pairs

It's in Scotland (which is a bonus), has the best format and is played over some great courses. But the best thing about the International Pairs is that Clive is…

From the rough: Flying Solo Part II

In the mind of Clive the Solos Golf Society is starting to take shape, let us hope his choices for President are regular readers of this blog.

From the rough: Flying Solo

Clive puts into practice his theory that there is a great deal to be gained from playing golf alone.

From the rough: Pressure in Portugal

Clive heads to Portugal this week expecting a regular press trip but is faced with rule books, stroke play, unbelievable handicaps and a far more pressurised situation…