From the rough: Swing science

Clive considers the complicated world of swings thoughts this week and is concerned that he may never discover 'the secret'.

From the rough: PGA Blues

The weather, the location, the coverage; this week Clive is perplexed by everything US PGA.

From the rough: Secret weapon

Clive realises that willpower alone can only take you so far and his fear of chipping forces him to take a new approach.

From the rough: Closet lefties

Clive contemplates the world of the left-handed golfer and why there could be more out there than we think.

From the rough: Going Live

Clive travels to Wentworth for the BMW Championship this week and finds live golf a thrilling experience, even from the vantage point of the hospitality tent.

From the rough: Golf galore

Clive is the envy of us all this week as he indulges in a number of unforgetable golfing experiences.

From the Rough: Deep sea dangers

Clive steps out of his comfort zone this week and finds the depths of the ocean far more terrifying than any thing he has encountered on the golf course.

From the Rough: SOS

After a number of dreadful performances Clive looks to the wonderful world of new equipment for some assistance.

From the Rough: Golf immortality

As Clive's dream of winning all four majors in one year slowly fades away he comes up with a new way to write his way into the golf history books

From the rough: padding up

Would you think your neighbour was mad if you looked out of your window in mid-February to see him mowing the lawn in cricket pads?