I was very impressed with the set up at Urban Golf indoor. Hitting into the virtual screens creates a more realistic feel than I had ever imagined.

Head Professional Steve Smith is concentrating on my swing and long game. After hitting a few 7-irons, mostly left of the target, Steve concentrated the whole session on my hand and right foot position immediately after impact. My natural tendency was to pull across the line, his emphasis was on a 90° right foot turn, while keeping my hands and club directly ahead of the target. This felt strange at first but after about an hour of practice, plus checking my position in the mirror, I started to feel a lot happier. I then tried a number of 7-irons to finish, and not one went left! It’s starting to work…

Equipment analysis and construction expert Zane Navie then had a look at my putting which is at best average. He instantly noticed I was right eye dominant, and not aligning directly over the ball at address. I tried a few demo putts, and then Zane started to add weights to the top of the grip. As the weight increased, I started to feel more and more comfortable and reduce the risk of turning the putter head. I tried a few putts to finish and holed a good percentage. This left me amazed at the difference and at how putting can be transformed so quickly. Even the putting is staring to work….

Finally I met Senior Professional James Ellis who has the unenviable task of sorting out my erratic short game. Before beginning the hard work next week I conducted a number of tests, chipping at different short distances. I was fine practising, then he said `lets start`, and the nervousness in the arms was clearly evident. Good luck James, the real challenge begins!

Steve has given me some things to practise for next week and I cannot wait go come back!