As with our game makeover patient Brian, there are many thousands of golfers all around the world who have little or any confidence within 100 yards of the hole.

The answer is a simple one.
So before Brian started on his quest to improvement he needed to understand a few things first….

Golfers who struggle with the short game generally feel as if they need to aid in the balls trajectory, almost as if they are deliberately trying to help the ball rise off the ground and deliberately send it the required distance.
This form of trying will result in a number of unpredictable shots which in turn leads the golfer into searching and thinking.
All golfers then begin to think too much as they are bombarded with various ideas, methods and secrets which originate from a variety of sources like coaching, books, magazines and fellow golfing friends. This new-found knowledge, which is only knowledge, is what then causes the golfer to think too much and think about it at the wrong time, like while playing, which leads to an increase in tension.
It is this tension that plays a huge part in the vast number of poor outcomes that golfer will suffer.

So the first goal to a consistent and enjoyable short game is to understand the above and clear the mind of anything you may be thinking about.
The next time you chip, don’t think, don’t try, just do it.
At least you will be prepared to learn having a clear mind.

ONE THOUGHT FOR NOW “Keep the club moving”