Brian rolled putts from various distances, along all manner of slopes. I gained a feel for his stroke alignment, ability to judge break and roll speed. Brian expressed concerns about missing short putts. After evaluating his stroke I asked if a majority of those putts were missed right. He agreed.

Brian’s set position saw him playing the ball too far forward in his stance, and holding onto the putter through the strike – opening the face through impact. Therefore the ball ‘skidded’ along after leaving the face and hopped right. We repositioned the ball so it aligned with the natural position the club would “bottom out” during his stroke.

Brian’s arms needed to hang naturally from his shoulders, so his hands appeared directly below his shoulders opposite the middle of his waist area – releasing undesirable tension, allowing putter head control from his shoulders.

Brian’s eyes needed to align over the ball/intended target line. Finally we retrained Brian’s stroke; the most effective stroke exhibits a natural opening and closing/back and forth putter head motion. A couple of drills and a little practice and Brian saw improved results – Much to his amazement!

Brian’s New Bespoke Built Putter Specifications:

Whitlam Tour Series Devon ETBW
Length 32″
Balance Certified*
Large Iomic Grip
Loft: 5 degrees

*Balance Certification:
Tests proved Brian strongly right eye dominant so his new putter really helps him align the face to the target. The larger grip helps to pacify his hands and fingers during the stroke, initiating a more shoulders-oriented stroke. The Balance Certified system allows us to fine tune the mass of the putter, repositioning weight into the butt end of the club, creating stability of the putterhead for a much smoother stroke.