Seeking consistently accurate shots, Brian’s swing limitations, mental and physical, were evaluated.

Physically, Brian’s Set position repeatedly exhibited qualities befitting a more successful player, nevertheless, this did not guarantee a repetitive swing motion. Brian’s ideas were confused and consistently altering – what chance had he? He achieved little consistency after a decent start.

“A good player gives away how much he knows about the swing with a good Set-up, however, merely imitating a good Set, is no guarantee you will mystically understand your ideal swing feeling. Practice the correct advice, select equipment that suits you, and you’ll learn to feel your swing motion as consistently as you feel your set position, or as easily as you can conjure up any feeling involving motion; like walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle – all are feelings which for a short period of our lives are tricky to master, but eventually regulate themselves without a particle of effort or thought”.

Brian’s mental swing conceptions were cobbled together from fragments of mechanics recommended by various sources, most of which, equally fragmented. Brian possessed scarcely any solid information on which to base his forward motion, ultimately, the forward swing of the club affects the ball and dictates results, making that notion worrying.

It was imperative we coupled Brian’s sound Set-up fundamentals with an equally sound fundamental style of motion.

Brain learned to Feel his revised motion, Focus on it, without being distracted by result(s), he established Routine, and was encouraged to Repeat his process to enable conscious control to become sub-conscious control of his motion – happily leaving the result to take care of itself!

Brain needed to practice with a Goal in mind, making practice stimulating, creating the same meaning (pressure) experienced when trying shoot a personal best on the course, preparing him for the rigors of future tests.