My second week started with James Ellis at Soho.He is concentrating on the short game……….HELP!

He introduced me to a set of dynamic warm up exercises prior to any golf game & encouraged me not to practice too close to any game,but just RELAX! It’s different but I can clearly see the strategy.

We then went onto stage 1 of my first lesson. I was asked to forget anything I have previously been taught or read,and begin afresh – not too difficult as my mind on this aspect is totally garbled.

James quickly established a new process of 4 distinct routines ; 1) set up club behind ball 2) setting the body and feet position 3) adjusting my weight 4) keep the club moving through the ball.
I practised this same process for about 30 minutes,never once trying to look up at the target. It all felt very comfortable, but there are nagging thoughts of`does it work on the course?`James then conducted a short chipping test of 10 shots to around 20 yards,in order to put me under a bit more pressure.
I went behind the target to align the shot,and then into my 4 process routine 1,2,3 and 4 hitting the chip.The results were too good to be true – my chips were ending up an average of 4ft from the pin. Last week they were finishing around 20ft away! James’s approach is very different to anything I have seen before,but I’m already starting to feel a bit of confidence in my short game. It must be working and I cannot wait for next session!

Later in the week I worked with Steve Smith on my swing.
He concentrated on my initial set up and routine,and this was quickly established:
1.Find the feeling of my swing,especially on the forward motion with a practise swing or `free go`.

2.Begin each routine from behind the ball.Look at the target and establish a `focus point`some -10 feet in front of the ball,in line with the target.

3.Set up to the ball,relax,looking at the focus point.

4.Hit the shot,trying not to react too strongly to either a poor or very good shot.

Steve reaffirmed that I need to continue the same routine for each shot,trying to keep within roughly the same time frame,not rushing or taking too long.

Then consistency will come………

He has set a goal of 7/10 shots on the green at 160 yds with a 6 iron. There’s room for improvement at the moment!

I have had only 2 weeks to date of lessons,but I’m already feeling very bullish regarding the eventual outcome!