Severiano la gran

Remembering back to my knee high to a grass hopper days of the early eighties, standing at the exit of the 18th at Fullford Golf club, York, the occasion the Benson and Hedges International, my Dad and his best mate enjoying the best the 19th had to offer after a full day of excitement and thrilling golf (not that golf at the time meant anything to me).  I stood pen and program in hand, nervous or that might have been from all the soft drinks I had consumed on one of the many free drink stalls, waiting for the players to come through and see this young blonde lad asking for autographs.  It took some time hovering around that putting green to start the ball rolling, but once it did I had pockets of balls from players and caddies alike, but one has always stuck with me through my non golfing days to my present addicted to golf days, that name is La leyenda que es Seve Ballesteros.

Seve is, was and always will be one of the greatest golfers known to the golfing world, he might have not be a Tiger but he is a Lion to me from the moment he signed my program. I took my Dad’s clubs out to the local cricket field everyday though after a few weeks I longed for a new challenge. I started pulling my Dad’s trolley and the clubs two miles to the golf course and played all day whilst the course was quiet.  The bug had bit me for the first time; I was always trying to recreate Seve’s swing on the course with a rusty 1-Iron with black tape around the grip, which I must add has left me with a nervous disposition!

Like most things new to a child I lost interest with the four-mile walk there and back and a new enemy, the Slice! I stuck with my football and life carried on, but if there was a Major and Seve was playing, I was watching. After reading Seve’s autobiography I guess most golfers have something in common with Seve apart from golf, mine was the sneaking onto the course and looking for “lost” golf balls or playing, some might be winning Majors, but Seve has touched the golfing world with his passion and greatness not seen these days.

Seve, I wish you & your family all the best with a speedy recovery.

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