We are five life-long friends who, being separated geographically and by many IQ points, get together as often as possible to play the game we all love, Golf.

I use the word “play” in the loosest of terms because our standard is not World Class, shall we say, as you will see on the website. We play because we love the sport and we love to have a laugh whilst playing. If we were good, there would be nothing to laugh at!

To us, our outings are legendary and so we have created our website www.golfbloke.co.uk to share our fun and laughter, achievements and… err… short-comings with the world. The website is in its infancy but will soon have a blog, more photos, and a tips section where we will share our secrets

We realise that this newfound fame and notoriety will catapult us into the limelight and affect our private lives. It will also take many long hours of painfully viewing our unique styles and responding to fan mail but this is a sacrifice we are willing to take in the name of Golf.