Acting Up: Golf Channel blues

"Big Break", "Playing Lessons From the Pros" and most importantly Peter Perfect...George is concerned about a 2008 without the Golf Channel UK.

Acting up: I’ll never learn

George attends the Golf Monthly Christmas party – but wished he'd taken note of earlier portents of doom.

Acting up: The big game

With a semi-final place at stake and some impressive golf from all concerned, George describes a classic fourball match-up.

Acting Up: All-star golf

In one of the most diverse fourballs in the history of The Stage Golfing Society, George looks to continue his progression in a premiere winter event.

Acting Up:

George is struggling with his game and so takes a break from the course and gets his weekly fix of golf by browsing Golf Monthly's very own site.

Acting Up: Golfing doldrums

George is struggling with his game this week but, as ever, there is always someone else worse off.

Acting Up: Looking forward, playing backwards

George discovers eager anticipation of a round can be bad news for your golf game when he plays in the annual match between Old Carthusians and Rye Golf Club.


The Golf Blogging Actor's Guild Awards mark the beginning of the awards season and nominees are eagerly awaiting the results...

Acting Up: Grand finale

George’s Chicago tour comes to an end as he begins a brand new golf related adventure

Acting Up: Tempo trouble

George discovers the secret of the perfect golf swing – and manages to hit a few hum-dingers.

Acting Up: I’ll show you

Throwing down a challenge can be a good way to prove a point, although as George Asprey discovers, getting dancers to admit enjoying themselves is another challenge when a free…

Acting Up: Healthy living

When you are short of a good reason to sneak out for a round of golf George suggests you consider the health benefits that the game can offer.

Acting Up: Obesessed or dedicated?

Swing thoughts at 3.00am, strokesavers in the lavatory and technicalities in shop changing rooms... George ponders just exactly what makes an obsession.

Acting Up: Lessons in love

Mistakes in my golfing and acting performances were ruining my enjoyment of both. Sometimes taking a step back is what's needed to make great strides forward.

Acting Up: A golfers nivarna

George finds the ultimate diggs for the golf loving actor as Chicago heads to a sold out Canterbury and he sets up camp in the perfect spot.

Acting Up: Sheffield showers

A typical British summers day does not dampen George’s spirits as he accepts his second reader invitation.

Acting Up: Shattered dreams

It's always been a comfort to think that with more time, preparation and dedication the pro tour could have been a reality... deluded, deluded, deluded.

Acting Up: The rough and the smooth

A victim of theft, acting yips and a serious case of club secretary ill-humour – the week could only get better... especially with Carnoustie looming at the weekend

Acting Up: The competitive edge

The golfing actor wants to be centre stage. George decides more rehearsals are needed to lower his handicap, and he doesn't want the other GM bloggers to steal his limelight…