Over the last few days we’ve had minor issues with both our cars. One of the headlamps went in mine and Jessie (wife) had a flat front tyre on hers. Both problems were relatively easy to sort out and the two motors are now back on the road in full working order.

OK, that probably wasn’t the most interesting anecdote I’ll ever write, but there is a small amount of golfing relevance to it. While I was on my hands and knees this morning changing Jessie’s tyre I began to consider the prospect of changing my golf equipment.

When it comes to golf kit I could be considered something of a luddite. Upon moving back to Scotland in 2005 I changed my irons and bought a new driver, putter and wedges. It was a huge leap for me. In fact, it was the first time I’d replaced my gear since mid-way through university. I’ve now kept, pretty much, the same clubs in my bag for the last three years.

I’m not anti-technology, I’m just nervous that any new piece of equipment will turn out to be less effective than what I have currently. I don’t know why I continue to think like this as every time I’ve taken the plunge and updated my gear in the past, I’ve been delighted with the results.

When I went to university in 1997 I still had a wooden headed driver – a Ping Eye 2 – I loved it and couldn’t see any reason to invest in “one of these new fangled metal contraptions.” But, after a few months of goading from my golfing contemporaries I bit the bullet and bought a Taylor Made Bubble Burner. Unsurprisingly I found an extra 20 yards off the tee.

Until 2005 I was using a set of Mizuno TP-19 blades – extremely shiny and professional looking. But, even I recognised that at 16-years-old, they were a little on the mature side. I splashed out on a set of MP-32’s (you’ll note I couldn’t drag myself away from shiny Mizunos) and was very happy to discover that every iron shot no longer had to be a thin, toe or shank.

Reminiscing about these seminal moments in my equipment history, I think it might be time for an upgrade. So I’m considering a new driver and new irons, though I won’t be breaking the mould too aggressively.

I’ll probably go for the new Titleist D3 driver – the one with the smaller head. I love my Titleist 905T, but feel I just have to move with the times. In terms of irons, I’m not too sure what head I’ll go for, but I’d like to try a rifle shaft – maybe the Project X or the new Dynamic Gold Black Gold. I’ll let you know what I opt for.

The Alliance this week was a disappointment on two fronts.

Firstly we arrived at Turriff to discover there were no times left for next week. At this time of year limited daylight means the field has to be limited to about 100 people. Despite arriving at 10am yesterday, a full hour and a half before our start time, the whole sheet had been filled for the next meeting at Newmachar. Given you’re not supposed to be allowed to phone in to book for the next week until 11am we couldn’t quite understand how it had happened.

Anyway, Stewart and I were a little annoyed because I was joint winner at Newmachar last year and he’s leading the money list on the 08-09 Alliance circuit. Can you imagine if Robert Karlsson and Justin Rose were told before this year’s Volvo Masters that there were no times for them? No, neither can I.

Secondly – the golf. After 11 holes, I was playing well and had fought back to level par after a double bogey on the 7th. But, I put my second shot out of bounds to the par-5 12th and racked up a seven, I then had a Hitler (two shots in the bunker) on the 15th and yet another double was the result. I finished with a 73 and was out of the prizes. It’s the first time in the last four weeks that I won’t be in line to receive a little envelope.