Fergus Bisset: Birth plan

This week Fergus considers an imminent arrival and its potential impact on his exact handicap.

Fergus Bisset: A false impression

This week, Fergus faces up to the reality that his game is not in such rude health as he'd led himself to believe.

Fergus Bisset: Less is more

Fergus wonders why modern TV golf commentary seems to follow the rule - why say in three words what you can say in 20?

Fergus Bisset: The heat is on

Fergus has been in Spain, testing his conviction that you can't play golf in shorts to the limit.

Fergus Bisset: On the range

Fergus is just back from St Andrews. He wasn't supposed to be playing golf but somehow found the time to hit some balls.

Fergus Bisset: Earning a reprieve

Fergus had resigned himself to buying a new putter. But, in the boot of his car, an amazing transformation is occurring.

Fergus Bisset: Putting problems

Fergus is struggling on the greens and he knows what the problem is. But, will he do anything about it?

Fergus is far too easily influenced by TV. This week MTV2 has inspired him to consider great golfing moments!

Fergus Bisset: Mind games

A disaster in the Alliance and a terrible result in the Accenture Matchplay test Fergus' mental resilience.