The weather is hampering golf in the north east so Fergus is directing his obsession for sport elsewhere.

Fergus Bisset: Tiny Margins

Golf can be a cruel taskmaster - one little mistake and it'll come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Fergus Bisset: The hardy boys

Fergus has had definitive and reassuring proof there are many people out there just as obsessed by golf as him.

Fergus Bisset: Family competition

The most important golfing prize of 2008 is yet to be awarded and Fergus is one of only three men who could take the title.

Fergus Bisset: Cabin fever

Cold weather and snow have had Fergus confined to barracks all week and he's beginning to lose his grip.

Fergus Bisset: World cup

The World Cup has been snubbed by many of the top players, it's time for a change to the format.

Fergus Bisset: Golfing prime

Robert Karlsson struck a blow for the more mature golfer this week, Fergus is taking inspiration.

Fergus Bisset: Mood swings

Golf is a psychological battle and Fergus always seems to be on the losing side.

Fergus Bisset: Turbulent times

As the world heads into recession Fergus finds some strange parallels between the global economy and his golf game.

Fergus always manages to find something to feel stressed about. This week it?s nuclear physics and bending down.

Fergus Bisset: Oh brother

Fergus has been playing poor golf recently and doesn't want to write about it anymore. So he's come up with this instead.

Fergus Bisset: A gloomy outlook

It's been a week of terrible weather across the country and, according to the Met Office, things aren't likely to get much better.