Paula Benn, editorial assistant

Day by day this week the office has become more empty, as the majority of the GM team have headed up to The Open, only Paul (staff writer), to go and he heads up tomorrow evening.

Thought I?d make the most of not many in the office, and have made more tea this week than I have in the last month! Making tea is not my thing, but I will be first to admit, I do say yes to a cup whenever offered!

It was June?s birthday (PA on World Soccer) last week, so we thought we?d pop out for a bite of lunch Tuesday to celebrate- and thought while the boss is away, a long lunch would be fine ? but even then, that only extended 10 minutes past the hour. I?m obviously not very good at this long lunch malarkey.

Alicia (travel editor) has headed up to The Open, and was rather concerned about the weather. She had a party to attend last night, on a boat, and was taking a dress and strappy sandals. She may well have ended up donning a pair of wellies instead!

Anyway, I?ve been keeping up with the news at The Open by reading the daily blogs from the team, and I must admit, they are doing a very good job of making me wish I was there!