Simon Sparrowhawk, work experience

After a couple of months of hard graft, if you count sleeping and playing golf as hard graft, I decided to do something more productive with my summer break.

A quick email to Mike, Editor of Golf Monthly, and two weeks of my life were arranged.

Monday morning, after a half-hour train journey to Waterloo and a slightly longer than expected walk, I finally reached GM Towers and the hustle and bustle of the Golf Monthly office?. yeah right, there is no way you really believed that, is there?

Luke and Jezz were discussing their golfing fortunes, and misfortunes, of the weekend before they got to the day?s serious business ? trying out the latest equipment to arrive on Jezz?s desk. In case you?re wondering where the rest of the team were, you?re not alone because I was too. As it turns out they were all on holiday, or the golf course, enjoying some of the better-late-than-never summer sunshine.

Having enjoyed a productive first week, despite being jealous of all those fortunate enough to spend most of it on the links, I made my way back down the M3 to Bournemouth as I ? at long last – had a golf competition to look forward to.

Sunday morning and I couldn?t wait to tee-off after my second place finish last Saturday, which won me a very useful £31 – especially as my Dad insisted I paid his entry fee this time (£3 down the drain). However, my optimism was short-lived as my putting game collapsed early on, resulting in a disappointing 4-over par front nine. Thankfully, the back nine was much better as a mixture of birdies, pars and bogeys ensured I completed a 4-over par 75, cutting my handicap to five in the process.

Another weekend is gone but I?m in high spirits, very rare for a morning ? let alone a Monday morning ? thanks to Sunday?s exploits. John and Paul are back in the office this week, although Mike, Jezz and Tappers are all ?Missing In Action? ? yes that does mean they are on the golf course again.

God only knows what the next few days have in store??.for their golf games if nothing else.