Simon Sparrowhawk, Work experience…

I write this blog entry just before I walk through the glass doors of GM Towers for the last time. Earlier this week I discussed the working (Ahem! Golfing) habits of the GM staff and I think my words had some effect. With the exception of Paul O?Hagan and Neil Tappin, the rest have been slaving away for your enjoyment all week. Unbelievable progress. Mike Harris should watch out for his Editor?s job? okay maybe not!

My two weeks at Golf Monthly have been superb and little did I know, I can write about travel ? actually ask Alicia, travel editor, about that one. Being on work experience, you get your fair share of odd jobs such as finding pictures of Bradley Dredge (not too interesting, nice guy though he is). However, you also get much more rewarding ones, like selecting the best bikini shot of Natalie Gulbis for the gallery (now that?s more like it).

Lessons have been learned and experience gained – which was the aim – and fingers crossed what I have produced is good enough that the GM staff will not have to re-write it all as soon as I leave. They better not as I will have my lawyer on the case (empty threats again).

In the words of the Two Ronnies, ?It?s goodbye from me and it?s goodbye from him?, maybe you will see more of what John Thynne, assistant editor, calls the best name in golf some time soon.

However, for the time being, it is back to the golf course (and lie-ins) until University – more lie-ins – begins in October.