The weekend’s golf never got going what with the frost and the snow. Did anyone get a game in without playing on temporary greens? Doubtless a few people did, but this bitter weather is getting a little frustrating to say the least. However, one answer is to forget about a serious round and find the nearest crazy golf course, where no amount of cold weather can upset the artificial fairways.

That’s what I did – and I have no regrets. The £8.00 ‘green fee’ was not that attractive, nor was the rubber putter – but the dinosaurs and water features more than made up for this.

After allowing a father and his two children to play through on first of the par 3s – who were far more interested in the T-rex – I eased into a four-stroke lead courtesy of back-to-back aces. The 16th was a killer with the hole perched a foot up in the shape of a volcano. My rivals slipped away as I laid up at the foot of the mound. The £2-a-man wager was mine as were the bragging rights.

Seriously, however, is there anyone out there who can recommend a decent crazy golf course? Please provide your suggestions below or feel free to provide your opinion in the Golf Monthly Forum.


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