Fighting Back: Rob Smith Golf Blog 11

I am delighted to report that I have been increasingly happy with my progress in my long-term project to get back to playing golf that is both reasonable in quality and fun in the execution.

Best so far has been my long- and medium-range game, especially with my excellent Ben Ross Hot Speed fairway woods, hybrid and mid-irons.

However, the one element I am still worryingly erratic with has been my short game.

Paul Foston has therefore been coaching me in his delightful out-door practice area with techniques for the hinge and hold, and the flopshot.

So long as I concentrate and think positively, I am fine.

But when there is pressure (usually self-induced), or I rush the shot, the result is often a dreaded and extremely destructive sh***.

This is something we will work on more in coming weeks, but for now, I decided to ask Paul for a summary of how I am getting on.

His generous response was that “Rob is making great progress with his swing and most importantly with his confidence which we all know plays a major role on course.

During the mid-point in the backswing, Rob gets a little too steep, but he then has this wonderful, and may I say natural, change of direction in which he drives the lower body laterally and left towards the target.

In the through swing, we aim to firm up his left side and ensure a full release of the clubhead through impact.”

All very encouraging and with just a couple of short golfing trips left this year, I am looking forward to some serious practice and further progress.

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