Fighting Back: Rob Smith Golf Blog 13

As I mentioned last time, one of the most frustrating aspects of making substantial changes to a swing that has been allowed to go off in its own direction for way too long, is inconsistency.

Following my somewhat wayward performance at Royal Porthcawl, I worked a little with my coach Paul Foston on introducing an approach to my set-up that would offer a bit more repetition.

It was therefore with some nervousness that I took the GM editor, Michael Harris.

We met at my club both to see all the changes that have been going on at Tandridge, but also to try and demonstrate what I already know, that my lessons and my excellent new Ben Ross Hot Speed clubs are pointing me very much in the right direction.

The first two holes were a disaster as I tried way too hard, and even though I settled down mid-way into the front nine, I found myself four down after ten.

Happily, this did not faze me; partly because I was not so much interested in winning as playing some good golf, and partly because Mike almost always gives me a complete tonking.

It was therefore a massive pleasure to hit some particularly good shots on the back nine, finishing birdie, par, par, and win the match courtesy of an outrageous up and down from sand on the closing hole after being plugged in a greenside bunker (see picture).

Even better was the reaction of my opponent who has seen me struggle for years, and who was genuinely happy to see me win at the same time as playing less like an idiot than ever before.

Not only that, but his early tip to position my left foot just a little more open paid dividends too.

This performance and the resulting confidence it has instilled, will hopefully lead me on to some very productive swing work over the coming weeks.

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