Fighting Back: Rob Smith Golf Blog 6

One thing that I have noticed as I work with my coach Paul Foston on rebuilding my swing, is that no matter how successful the results are under his expert, watchful gaze, it’s just not the same taking it out onto the course.

This seems to be the case with so many other golfers, and following a couple more lessons, we agreed that the next one would be us playing together at my club, Tandridge.

We therefore met up the day before The Open kicked off at Muirfield, and in between chatting about the prospects of the various golfing stars, Paul was able to observe and remark on my play.

And in the words of the late, great David Coleman, my play was indeed ‘remarkable!’

Paul’s eagle-eyes spotted every degree of misalignment and every millisecond of mistimed swing.

He was therefore able to offer advice on just about every shot which certainly gave me more than enough food for thought.

Happily, as the round wore on, my play improved, to such an extent that my drive at our final hole actually matched his!

By happy coincidence, I had another game at Tandridge lined up the following morning when, with the echoes of the previous day’s advice ringing loudly in my ear, I had my most amazing start to a round ever.

With the wind round the wrong way, I had a 2-putt birdie on the par-5 first, and then actually saw my 22-degree Ben Ross hybrid roll into the hole for an eagle two at the 453-yard second.

Another regulation par at the next rocketed my confidence into overload, but following a return to earth I managed to hole a bunker shot for another birdie at the 8th.

I finished with five blobs in my 33 points and the belief that I am very much heading in the right direction.

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