Golf Blog

With the other writers
on this section providing their thoughts on the latest news in golf, I thought
of producing something a bit different to that. This is my journey with golf
until now, as I begin my career in sports journalism.

With my parents
divorcing when I was young, my mother brought me up by herself, and I would
only see my father every two weeks.

Whenever my father’s name was mentioned she
would describe herself to others as a ‘golf widow’, especially to other women,
some of which would laugh, and nod intently in agreement.

It pains me to admit,
but I did understand why she would say that. My father does indeed have a
colossal obsession with golf – which she saw as unhealthy.

Personally, being a
huge sports fan myself, I would describe it as very passionate.

Not only did the
description of how he played every hole that morning receive no interest from
my mother, after a while, she became rather irritated by his obsession. The
annoyance was mirrored.

Calling the contents of his golf bag ‘sticks’ did not
go down well with my father, and it still winds me up, the non-player, whenever
she says it today.

There was always a
mild interest in golf from a young age but perhaps that extra push might have
transformed me into a driving machine, or an accurate chipper that I most
certainly am not, now at the age of 20.

After taking a handful
of lessons when I was nine-years-old, my development came to a standstill as
football, my main passion, took over my life.

From playing, to watching, to
reading and then watching even more, admittedly it really was, and still is, an
unhealthy obsession.

As much as my parents
didn’t push me to play golf more, you have to look at society and the media for
not giving golf the attention it deserves.

There is a reason why we don’t have
enough world-class English golfers and tennis players coming through the ranks,
but that is an entirely different argument.

Occasional trips to
the golf range whilst visiting my father renewed my interest in the sport, if
only for a short time.

Once again I just needed a small push, but that was to
become even harder than it was before once I moved away from my hometown and
away from a good friend who was just beginning to play golf properly, which was
a huge shame.

Despite playing
football at college, I decided that my professional career was over before it
had started; simply because I had two left feet and not only would I miss the
barn door, but the entire barn completely.

My passion of watching
and writing about sport greatened, so much so that I decided it would be my
career path. Ever since, my interest in golf has only risen, as it naturally
does as you get older, and the ‘Miracle in Medinah’ ensured that.

In my small rented
house in Preston, my friends and I embraced, before proceeding to jump around
our box like living room as Martin Kaymer sunk THAT five-foot putt to confirm
one of the greatest sporting comebacks ever seen.

Up until now, the range is the closest I’ve got to playing a full
18-hole game. Hitting the ball consistently well is something I’m getting a lot
better at, and with the poverty that is student life almost over, I may
actually be able to join a club to begin my love affair with the joys of playing.