Golf Blog

Unlike the other writers in this section who have a knowledge of golf, mine is very limited. This is my story with golf so far as I begin my final year of my Sports Marketing and PR degree.

Only a few years ago, golf was not the first thing that came to my head when I thought of sports. I enjoyed the game of ‘Crazy Golf’ when I was younger, however, standing around a golf course didn’t sound very appealing, especially with the Great British weather that we are blessed with.

Even the thought of watching days of golf on the television did not come to mind when I was younger and couldn’t think of anything else to do.

Being a big sports fan, I was interested in most sports, with football and rugby union taking most of my attention.

My interest in golf was sparked in my early teenage years when I visited a driving range with some friends. At first, I wasn’t expecting much, however I really enjoyed it even if it did take me 2 or 3 swings to hit the ball. From this, I was eager to get onto the course.

Whilst at University, my housemates and I were watching intensely the Ryder Cup, later to realise we were watching a ‘Miracle’ taking place at Medinah by the European team to take victory.

After watching this, I decided that the time had come to see what – if any – golfing skills at all I had on a course.

Soon after, I visited a 9-hole ‘Chip and Putt’ course for the first time with my housemates and I was surprised how it managed to be called a ‘Chip and Putt’ with some greens not even seen from the tee.

Safe to say, I lost count how many shots over par I was; however it was an enjoyable experience. I have now been quite a few times and am slowly improving; hitting the ball first time consistently is one stat I am rather proud of.

I have found it hard to fit in buying a set of clubs and joining a club into my student budget, however with only one year of university left, it might not be too long until I am on a full 18 hole course with my own set of clubs.