I’ve been lucky enough to come up to Golf Monthly magazine and experience what it is like up here, I have enjoyed my time a lot so far, and having seen all the gear these boys are spoilt with, I thought being a low handicapper myself (3) I would tell you the clubs that I use and why, as well as a little bit about my golfing career…

Driver: PING G10 7.5° (Grafalloy ProLaunch RED S-flex)
As soon as the G10 was released I purchased it immediately, since then I have been overwhelmed by the consistency, both length and accuracy have improved dramatically.

3-Wood: PING G10 14° (Grafalloy ProLaunch RED S-flex)
Friend of mine Jamie Spence had one, I duly had a hit with it, and immediately my thoughts were good, it sat amazingly and the performance equalled the looks, so again I had to invest.

Utility Club: PING G10 18° (Grafalloy ProLaunch RED S-flex)
Previously I had the Callaway Heavenwood 20°, the flight was very high; I needed a new one, the PING G10 was the only option, its fantastic.

2-W: PING S58 (Dynamic Golf S300 flex)
I’ve played with Callaway clubs throughout my golfing career, and fancied a switch, I was looking for more touch around the greens, and a thinner top line is much more inviting to achieve this.

Wedges: PING Tour-W 52° and 56° (Dynamic Golf S300 flex)
These wedges are quite simply the best ever made. Offering great looks, with exquisite feel, they will be in my bag for a long time to come.

Putter: Yes! Callie Forged 34”
I previously had the Yes! Callie and loved the shape, so I tried the Callie-F and loved it, the feel off the face is just amazing, so soft and produces an awesome roll.

Golfing History:

I was born on August 12 1990, my Dad was a keen golfer, and at the tender age of about 5 or 6, I went to the local driving range, at that age your focus wanders every two seconds, so my interest wasn’t that great.

Age 12, my parents joined me at East Sussex National, after a year I gained the interest of a handicap, so at the age of 13 I started playing jnr events at my club, I was given a 34 handicap, two years later I was off 3 and in the Sussex County Team. I have represented the county from the age of 13 all the way up to 18.

September 2006, my GCSEs were done and I went to the Sussex College of Golf, this was exciting for me; golf was all I thought about. One year passed by, my golf game had worsened, my confidence was low and my mental game was gone. Golf, became a chore, which was devastating. Eventually I got to the stage where I stopped playing.

The year 2007 was tough for me, I left the golf college, and lost interest. After several long chats with my Dad, I started playing golf again, my new coach Peter Mitchell, transformed my thought process.

2008 was going really well, seeing Pete, practicing hard and in the gym 5 days a week. My game was improving and I had some excellent results.

My 18th birthday proved to be a nightmare, I was getting this pain, what felt like heart burn, so I saw my GP, he ran some tests and diagnosed me with myopericarditis, within an hour I was in the Cardiac Ward in Eastbourne. After numerous checks, scans and x-rays, I was told I was staying in for a couple of nights for a specialist to come and diagnose the cause of my virus. I was released from the hospital the following evening and was told strictly no exercise for a month and to take it easy for two weeks, something to look forward too as I am incredibly active individual. It was also very upsetting for me as my golfing season was going rather well, and with plenty more golf on the schedule, it was very disappointing.

A couple of weeks into October 08, still not fully recovered, haven’t started playing golf again regularly, the disappointment continues. A few weeks and I will be back in the game and ready for next year.