I’ve been interning with Golf Monthly now for four days. In those four days I’ve come to find that the life of an intern can be fairly slow. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that I’m not thankful for the jobs I’ve been given or for this great opportunity, but can you say boredom? Now I know this is the way it works; I’m temporary – low man on the totem pole. I don’t get work unless there’s extra work to be had and I don’t expect any other type of treatment. In fact, being assigned to a blog on my forth day is a very pleasant surprise.

I get a chance to showcase what little talent I have in a casual, all-about-me forum and I plan on taking full advantage of that. Up to this point I’ve been doing such things as filling envelopes and making photocopies – so this is my chance to shine… right?

This is my chance to step up to the 1st tee and set the pace for the rest of my round. But when I address the ball my mind goes blank. I look down the fairway and all I see are hazards. The thoughts in my head tell me that I’m really not that good – I’m intimidated. “Do I really belong here?” I take a step back. I calm myself.

Large sums of money have been put forth so that I would be ready for this moment. So that I would know exactly what to do and how to do it when the time came. But there’s nothing, my thoughts are merely scrambled incomplete ideas. I go back through lessons, things I’ve been taught. I remember the thought processes and forms. I step back up and I tell myself, “Write about what you know.” I stand over the ball, still nervous, still jittery, but I swing. I can’t see where it’s landed yet, but it felt good. Hopefully, I’m right down the middle.