I’ve been in the Golf Monthly office on work experience for the last week and a half. While obviously working tirelessly on next month’s issue, slaving away deep into the evening with the rest of the team to ensure that a fascinating insight into the world of golf is provided for the good subscribers of GM, a little internet pop up has been a regular feature on my desktop. No, it is not what you think, GM may be a fun place to work but illicit material is a risky strategy in the workplace for a lowly intern! The pop up has in fact been the BBC sport video feed live into Beijing.
Usain Bolt has just added the 200m Gold to his earlier sprinting win in the 100m on Saturday in another world record time. What a run, what a performer, what a character. Whilst the rest of the field focused on the job in hand, ‘The Lightening Bolt’ did a little jig before blitzing a long standing and respected world record. It was reminiscent of Sandy Lyle in his pomp!
It puts Bolt in the same league as Tiger Woods as a worldwide sporting icon. I can only hope that both men come up against each other in a celebrity reality TV show. Contests could include a round of golf, a 100 or 200m dash and the ultimate test of a man’s greatness, an arm wrestle.
Other legends of Beijing could try and compete against these two demi-gods. Michael Phelps could bring his dolphin-esque swimming ability to the table while Chris Hoy could bring his bike. His thighs would mean super-sized sofas would be needed in the studio but I can’t envisage this being a problem. It would be the reality TV show channel five viewers have been pining for and surely the truest test of who is the greatest athlete of them all.
GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) would take on a new meaning. Maybe to add a little extra spice to the golf, Usain Bolt would have to play a round in his lycra whilst sprinting between shots. Extra points if you run the 200m hole in under 19.3 seconds whilst also carding a par. Phelps wouldn’t have any Van der Velde type problems in the water as that is his natural habitiat and Hoy I’m sure would have no need for a buggy or a trolley as his aerodynamic bike could be the transport of choice.
It’s what the Olympics is missing, a decathlon for the multiple medal winners. All that’s needed now is Ian Wright, Kriss Akabusi and Ulrika Johnson to add some colour and hilarious catchphrases and you have Beijing extended for a little while longer. Lucky us!