Golf Monthly blogger Phil Churchill argues the case for scrapping a certain rule, specifically Rule 4.4 - no more than 14 clubs. What if we were allowed a few more?

Fergus Bisset: A poor start

After a long winter, the 2010 golf season is finally underway but when you wait so long for something, it can fail to live up to expectations.

Keen young golfer Benjamin Stelzer lets us in on a few of his secrets on how to keep your game in shape without leaving your home

The first official handicap

Dominic Instone has his first official handicap but soon discovers, as some of us will appreciate, that playing too well the first time out can lead to a few frowns…

Golf blogger Benjamin Stelzer on the problems he faced when buying new golf clubs and making the change from junior to men's irons

Fergus Bisset: An exhibition

As snow continues to disrupt, Fergus travels to the European Golf and Leisure Show in Aberdeen to get his golfing fix.

Golf blog from Phil Churchill who is wondering why most golfers seemingly have a uniform disregard for engineers

Keen, young golfer Benjamin Stelzer blogs on the effects that a recent skiing trip had on his golf game

Fergus Bisset: Good sport

Fergus is left irritated by a newspaper article and feels compelled to retaliate.

Bill Elliott blogs his views on the rise of golf in Asia and specifically Korea, and wonders whether all those involved are enjoying the game as much as they should…

Fergus Bisset: Dealing with distractions

Off-course distractions are bound to have an affect on your game. After Wednesday's Alliance Fergus wonders if they can be channeled positively.

With the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship producing some great ties, golf blogger Andrew Akesson calls for more of the same

Aspiring young golfer Benjamin Stelzer blogs on his golfing hero, Rory McIlroy, and explains what it is that makes the Ulsterman such a perfect role model

Fergus Bisset: Looking ahead

Fergus considers the difficulties being faced by Britain's golf clubs and offers some suggestions.

It's been a saga that nobody saw coming, but as juicy a story as it is, should we fear 
for the future of golf's greatest asset? Bill Elliott reflects on…

A teenager's story of getting addicted to the game of golf and discovering there really is only one way to perfect the game - practice, practice and even more practice

Bonhams Chester include some interesting golf lots in their sporting memorabilia sale on February 24. Read Jasper Jennings' regular golfing memorabilia blogs for further details

Fergus Bisset: My golfing soul

Fergus has watched about 400 films over the past couple of months and one of them has led him to consider the state of his (golfing) soul.

Fergus Bisset: With hindsight

It's so easy to predict golf tournament results after they've occurred, it's far trickier to predict them before play starts.