Sorry for my absence – it’s been a pretty busy time of the year for me! Although, I do have to admit that as I am writing this I am sat back, enjoying the Spanish sunshine (sorry I know it’s still bucketing it down in the UK) and taking things pretty easy.

The fourth Major of the year was one hell of a week – I have never played golf in such extreme heat. Obviously it is the same for everyone and it did have a serious effect on the entire field but I still think it’s more difficult for the European Tour players. Yes, we do play in Asia and Australia and plenty of very hot places but there is no way we are as accustomed to playing in that kind of heat as are the Americans and others! It did teach me something though: this year I turned up in Tulsa on the Sunday and I’m not sure it was early enough. I will certainly be giving myself a few extra days next year.

The USPGA is a tournament I have great respect and affection for: I think the PGA have exactly the right attitude when it comes to a Major – their primary focus is in setting up a course that will provide a great competition. And I felt that is exactly what they did this year (the heat wasn’t their fault!) with the course being a great test of golf whilst remaining fair on the players. Having said that the rough was thick enough for me to put a new lob wedge in the bag!

The last couple of Majors did not go exactly according to the grand masterplan – missing the cut was not what I was looking for – but I do really feel that I am learning a huge amount from every Major I participate in and this can only stand me in great stead for the years to come. I know I can build on this in 2008, particularly my performance at Augusta this year.

Next up on the horizon though is the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles at the end of the month. It’s a tournament I have great memories of – having come tied second there in 2005 – so I can’t wait to get started… after a little more sun of course.