We look at the luxuries that Jordan Spieth could indulge in following his FedEx Cup win.

What the FedEx Cup money could buy you…

In a year when Jordan Spieth has won the Masters and the US Open, we’d probably believe him if he said the money was just a bonus.

His victory at Augusta National had us dreaming of the first thing we’d do in the coveted green jacket.

However, what might generate more interesting answers would be to ask: What would you do if you won $10m?

That is, of course, the sum that Spieth claims for securing the FedEx Cup trophy. While it’s unlikely he’ll go too wild after his win yesterday at the Tour Championship, we thought we’d speculate about what he could purchase if the impulse took him…

The drinks are on Jordan... Credit: Kevin C. Cox (Getty)

The drinks are on Jordan… Credit: Kevin C. Cox (Getty)

Around 96,590 cans of Coca-Cola (all prices have been converted from dollars to pounds)

Given Coca-Cola sponsor the Tour Championship, it’s only right to start with the 96,590 cans you could get with Spieth’s latest prize money. Such are the physiques of golfers like the Texan, this probably wouldn’t get him too excited. It means he’d also need a few fridges to keep them all tasting fresh…


You're bound to get a good seat with the amount of tickets Jordan could buy. Credit: Clive Rose (Getty)

You’re bound to get a good seat with the amount of tickets Jordan could buy. Credit: Clive Rose (Getty)

6,346 Arsenal FC season tickets

Yes, there’s a lengthy waiting list to buy a season ticket at the Emirates Stadium, but this is, after all, a hypothetical list. It’s possible to purchase your own seat in the ground for around £1035, something of a meagre amount to Mr Spieth. With that many tickets in your name, you’d be bound to get a good seat.


Titleist AP161, 384 Titleist 716 AP1 irons

Can you imagine having that many irons at your disposal? No longer would breaking or losing a club result in heartbreak. While storage space might be an issue, you could probably convince friends to store them at their house in return for a club. It’s not like you’re going to run out, is it?


Credit: Stephane De Sakutin (AFP/Getty)

Credit: Stephane De Sakutin (AFP/Getty)

4,107 3D televisions

Why go to the pub to experience the biggest sporting events? You could get a 3D television of your own to enjoy sports, movies and more…and then another 4,106 for your friends, family and anyone you’ve ever come across before. This might, however, lead to a reluctant attitude to leaving the house…maybe the pub isn’t so bad after all.


Who wants a new car? Credit: Vittorio Zunino (Getty)

Who wants a new car? Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celloto (Getty)

37 Ferraris

It depends on the model, of course, but with the cost of certain Ferrari’s reaching around $270,000, you could buy a healthy number and still have enough money left over to mean you’ll never have to work again.