With soggy lies and ice-numbed hands, winter golf can be tough. To counteract the elements, here's 5 top winter golf hacks to help make your scores drop as low as the temperature does.

5 Top Winter Golf Hacks

Mud-sodden fairways, frozen greens harder than concrete, it’s small wonder that few golfers look forward to the winter golf season.

But winter golf is certainly challenging, a diving thermometer doesn’t have to mean a rise in your scores.

Read on for our 5 top tips for getting the most out of your golf game this winter.

1. Get yourself a good pair of wet-weather gloves

5 Top Winter Golf Hacks

The UK’s weather is never great even at the best of times, but in winter the rain clouds are especially likely to gather. Usually only celebrated by marine animals, with a good quality wet-weather glove, your golf scores will also react positively to the rainstorms. The wetter they get, the firmer they grip, helping you to keep a hold of both your clubs and the pars on your scorecard.

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2. Now’s the time to practice your short game and wedge play

5 Top Winter Golf Hacks With cold air, frost-covered golf balls and wet ground, golf courses start to play a lot longer once the winter kicks in. Par 4s that in summer needed only a fair drive and a flicked wedge now have you pulling out a 3-wood for your second shot and coming up short. With even your best strikes going nowhere, you’re likely to be scrambling a lot more for your pars. Getting your short game and wedge play white hot will be the key to keep posting good scores.

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3. Invest in a good base-layer

5 Top Winter Golf Hacks

With this January set to be one of the coldest on record, keeping warm on the course is a must. A cold body is a stiff body and will cost you both distance and feel. Wrapping yourself up in a fat-suit of jumpers, however, is almost certain to limit your golf swing. The answer? A wafer-thin, heat-locking base layer. Lighter, slimmer and more stylish than a sweater, a good base layer will ward off the cold but without sacrificing flexibility. If you’ve not got one, buy one: your golf scores will thank you for it.

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4. Stop your golf balls from freezing by keeping them in your pockets

5 Top Winter Golf Hacks

That a warm golf ball flies further than a cold one is no urban legend, it’s fact. The rule of thumb is that for every ten degrees by which the temperature drops, a golf ball will carry two yards shorter. Clearly then, there’s a premium for keeping your golf balls as toasty as possible. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to keep one in your pocket. They’ll soak up your body heat throughout the round and your shots will keep going the distance.

5. Think about ditching your trolley for a carry bag

5 Top Winter Golf Hacks

Yes, carrying a golf bag can be hard work, and that shiny new trolley that your wife brought you looks like a dream. But with golf courses vulnerable to becoming mud-baths over the winter months and an increase in restrictions on trolley usage, you might find it less hassle just to work out those shoulder muscles and trade in your wheels for a carry bag. You’ll help keep your home course in good fettle, cut out those laboursome detours around ‘NO TROLLEY’ areas, and, with one less thing to worry about, you might even cut a few shots off your scorecard.

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