Joe Rooney made two hole-in-ones in the same round at County Armagh GC in Northern Ireland

Golfer Gets Two Aces In The Same Round!

Some golfers never manage an ace in their entire playing life, some are more fortunate…

Joe Rooney from Northern Ireland didn’t just get one ace in a round, he got two!

The 16-year-old made two hole-in-ones in a competition, at odds of a mind-boggling 67,000,000-1.

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The aces contributed nicely to a three-under-par gross round, which wasn’t enough to win the tournament!

The two-handicapper, who dreams of being a pro, had never previously had a hole-in-one.

In fact, he had two within the space of five holes.

He first aced the third, telling the BBC: “I hit a great shot.

“The ball bounced in the middle of the green, the spun out to the left and went straight in.”

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He got to the seventh and aced that to get to four-under-par.

“I hit the ball well – it only bounced once,” he told the BBC.

“You can’t see the pin very well from the seventh, but it smacked the bottom of it and you just knew by the sound that it had gone in.

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“We just all went crazy and began hugging each other and jumping around.

“I got a bit nervous after that – I bogeyed the 10th and 11th, but birdied the 12th, finishing three under par,” he said.

Congratulations Joe, we hope the bar bill wasn’t too hefty!

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