We offer some simple advice and pointers on how to bet on golf covering everything from different markets to handy tactics

Betting on golf can reap rich rewards. With a field of over 100 players, the majority of whom have a realistic chance of winning, when it comes to how to bet on golf there is plenty of great value to be found. Of course this means it’s crucial to do your homework. Here’s some simple pointers on how to bet on golf…

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The Basics

If you are interested in placing a bet, you’ll probably be wanting to back a player to win a particular tournament. There are two ways to do that – you can bet on them to win outright or place an each way wager. If you opt for the latter you will usually get a pay-off one quarter of the original odds if the player finishes inside the top five (but fails to win). So if your player was originally 8/1 and he or she finished 3rd, you would be paid on a 2/1 basis for your original stake. Often bookmakers will increase the number of places that receive a pay-out to entice customers during major tournaments.

The Markets

Aside from betting on potential tournament winners there are a whole host of other markets. You can bet on a particular player to win his or her 3-ball group. You can also bet on a player to finish highest among his countrymen – so for instance, lee Westwood to finish as top Brit at the US Masters is a popular wager. Of course, when it comes to how to bet on golf, there are also a whole host of specials to consider as well. Holes-in-one, eagles, playoffs and the length of the winners final shot are also usually available.

What happens when…

So you’ve placed an each way bet and your man finishes tied for 5th. What happens then? This is when the dead heat rules comes into play and the basic idea is that your original stake is split by the number of players who finish 5th. Let’s say you bet £1 each way on Sergio Garcia at 20/1. If he came 5th alone you’d get £5 back plus your original £1 stake. However, if he was tied with another player, your stake drops to 50p. In this instance you would get £2.50 back plus your 50p. Of course, the more players who finish tied 5th, the more complicated (and the smaller the returns) it becomes.

Cashing Out

When it comes to how to bet on golf remember that many bookmakers allow punters to cash out. Let’s say you’ve bet on a 100/1 shot and after three rounds he or she is leading. You will often have the option to cash out. Of course, this means the returns will be smaller than if you waited and he or she won but it might be an option worth taking if you don’t think your player will last the course.


If you follow the Golf Monthly Betting Tipster, you will know that he talk in terms of points. This refers to the original stake. Let’s say that for him 1 point = £1. He might suggest a bet of 2 points on Ernie Els at 100/1. You might instead prefer to 10p per point of £100 per point – this system is simply a way of evening things out for different budgets.

How to bet on golf: The Tactics


Obviously, you need to pay close attention to the form of the players in the field. This goes without saying. However, a good idea is to take a look at what happened in the final round of the previous event. There might be a player who finished tied 20th but who shot 66 in the final round. This might be a sign that he’s hitting top form and yet, the odds for the following week might not reflect that.


It is a horses for courses sport and that affects how to bet on golf. There is a reason that Jordan Spieth usually does well at Augusta. If the layout of the golf course suits your eye, you’ll have a chance of competing. What’s more, both the PGA and European Tours tend to go back to the same venues over and again. Check to see who has played well at that venue in the past. It’s crucial information that is not to be missed.


Always check the draw before you place a bet. On Thursday and Friday, the players will get one morning and one afternoon tee time. It might be that the wind is due to get up on Thursday afternoon, stay up on Friday morning before dropping. In that case, think about betting on players with a morning tee time on Thursday and an afternoon tee time on the Friday. If the weather isn’t an issue, think about splitting your bets between morning and afternoon tee times. This mitigates any risk.

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Split your risk

When it comes to how to bet on golf, think about splitting your bets between one favourite, one middling player and one outsider. It is true that outsiders often win in golf and that’s where you’ll make your money. However, if you are betting during a season, split your bets to mitigate the risk.