Jon Rahm has become one of the top players in the world. Here we take a look at who coaches him.

Who Is Jon Rahm’s Coach?

One of the best players in the world, Jon Rahm has won all over the world in what is still only the start of his career. Below we have taken a look at who coaches the fiery Spaniard.

Who Is Jon Rahm’s Coach?

Mental coach – Joseba Del Carmen

“I have been a basketball player, a debt businessman, a professional golfer, bomb technician… and 10 years ago I started to be a coach, a mental, leadership or emotional trainer, or whatever they want to call it,” says Del Carmen.

“I have worked with players from the Alavés soccer club, the Saski Baskonia basketball team, with CEOs and business leaders. And I have worked with Rahm for four years.”

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Rahm is known for his fiery temper, as was shown at the 2017 US Open when he slammed his club and threw a rake. However, since then Rahm’s aggression has calmed down.

“You have to leave an escape valve and release them… That’s what we do with Rahm. He exteriorizes less and less because we are training in this,” Del Carmen goes on. “But this emotion is what has brought him here. We cannot forget who we are or where we came from. Rahm is different, like Seve.”

Rahm has been working hard on controlling his emotion (Getty Images)

Previous Swing Coaches – Eduardo Celles, Tim Mickelson.

Rahm’s first ever swing coach was his local teaching pro Eduardo Celles who he met when he was only 13-years-old.

Celles convinced Rahm to weaken his grip and shorten his swing, saying: “You won’t lose any distance.” Rahm was obviously sceptical at first.

However the Spaniard went with it and by 15 he agreed it had made him a much better player. Since turning professional he has made very little change to his swing.

After moving to America and playing at Arizona State University, Rahm met Tim Mickelson and used him as his playing coach.

However Mickelson would leave the University and also Rahm to start caddying for his brother Phil, although the pair do still keep in contact.

Short Game Coach

Rahm has never mentioned having a short game coach but credits his ability and skill to copying shots of the great Seve Ballesteros as well as the many short game competitions he would play between his friends.

Rahm has one of the best short games in the world. (Getty Images)

The fear of losing and receiving forfeits in these games used to terrify the Spaniard thus he would practice all kinds of shots to make sure he never lost.

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