Cope with golf

How to Cope with Your First Round I am not an expert. I’m not a professional, lesson instructor, or even a qualified coach. I am, however, a highly average golfer,…

Miss Piggy

Golf can be a frustrating game. To deal with the constant shanks, three-putts, and duffers, we use humour to help ourselves feel better. So next time one of your mates…

Would playing more "ready golf" speed up play?

As a way to keep the game flowing, is it time to rethink golf’s regimented system of always playing in turn?


Disaster, or Trouble, is a golf game which punishes mishaps. As such it works well as an exercise in game improvement. It is popular with mid-ranking players. The aim of…

Golf Fit 1

Preparing your body for golf could knock strokes of your scores