With legendary European Tour starter Ivor Robson retiring his vocal chords at the end of last year, who could possibly take his place?

Possible replacements for Ivor Robson

Last November, following the conclusion of the DP World Tour Championship, Ivor Robson hung up his boots after 41 years as the official starter of the European Tour.

In April, The R&A announced that David Lancaster would be the new official starter for The Open Championship, something he described as an ‘honour and a privilege’.

But who could take on the role for regular European Tour events? We take a look at ten potential off-piste candidates…

The X-Factor guy

No one would convey a sense of occasion like the guy whose bellowing voice appears over the opening credits of the X-Factor and on other adverts.

Pro: Motivational
Con: Could mess with inner peace

Joe Pasquale

The former The Price is Right presenter and King of the Jungle would do a great deal to ease first-tee nerves with a voice that’s comical and unfathomable in equal measure.

Pro: Laughter-induced relaxation
Con: Possible ear pain

Morgan Freeman

Having one of the most soothing voices in the world introducing you on the tee would surely instil a deep sense of calm

Pro: Comforting
Con: Might send you to sleep

Seth McFarlane

Variety is the spice of life. One day Family Guy’s Peter Griffin could welcome you to the tee; on another, it could be Ted, Quagmire or Stewie Griffin. Thinking about which voice he’d use would keep your mind off the impending tee shot.

Pro: No overthinking
Con: Confusion

Michael Caine

One of the most distinctive voices in film, Caine’s presence would provide a lovely sense of familiarity.

Pro: Homely
Con: Distracting flashbacks

Brian Blessed

There first-tee equivalent of a motivational speech. No one would be better at geeing you up, banishing those nerves and focusing your mind on the task at hand.

Pro: Inspirational
Con: Anger issues

Churchill dog

Could you imagine the sound of the Churchill dog nodding approvingly and muttering (no pun intended) ‘oh yes’ as you dispatch a drive down the first fairway?

Pro: Encouragement
Con: Possible pronunciation issues

Go Compare man

Why talk when you can sing? The Go Compare man would deliver a touch more enthusiasm and colour to proceedings, contributing to a lively, convivial atmosphere. Think Bubba Watson on the tee at the 2012 Ryder Cup. Or Ian Poulter for that matter.

Pro: Enthusiasm
Con: Arguably the most irritating man on the planet

David Attenborough

The man with arguably the most soothing voice on the planet. There would simply be no better way to be welcomed onto the first tee.

Pro: A state of nirvana
Con: Lethargy

Murray Walker

The legendary sporting broadcaster would whip you into a frenzy as you contemplated the task at hand. Get up for it!

Pro: Nerves banished
Con: Crowd annoyance