Bryson DeChambeau uses one-length irons, so should you try them? Let's take a look.

Should You Use One-Length Irons?

The meteoric rise and success of Bryson DeChambeau has seen the interest in the term ‘one-length’ grow massively. What does it mean and should you be using them in your golf equipment? We explain all here.

What Does it Mean?

The term is used to describe a set of irons, usually from three-iron to pitching wedge, that have the same length of shaft. Of late they have been popularised by Cobra.

Should You Use Them?

One-length irons allow you to stand to the ball in the same way regardless of the iron you’re using, in theory helping with consistency of strike and club speed. Essentially you can swing the same way regardless of what club you have in your hand.

Bryson has coupled this with a single plane swing to “create a swing that’s consistent from club to club, that doesn’t have a lot of moving parts to mess up.”

We found that negatives come when chipping and pitching around the green with a lob wedge in a 7-iron length – it feels strange to say the least! And there are some who say that one-length irons make distance control and yardage gapping more difficult.

This is because it is said the two factors that decide distance are loft and the length of the shaft, however one-length advocates say the impact the shaft has on distance is overrated.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. In all I would say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and it is certainly worth trying, but it requires patience and perseverance. 

It may feel odd at first but if you are in need of more consistency in your golf game then using ‘one-length’ irons could be one way of achieving this. 

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